Loranto's - in 25g and 50g packetsConvenient - ideal as a convenient snackTraditional Bulk Biltong – whole sticks or sliced productHealthy - premium-quality lean biltongHalal - halal-certified productProtein Rich - a protein rich RTE snack without equalSupersnack - premium-quality lean biltongLow Fat - gluten-free | nut-free | lactose-free | egg-free Chilli Biltong – available in 25g and 50g packs


Biltong has its origins during the early Dutch explorations to southern Africa in the 18th century, whose pioneers used their knowledge of traditional European techniques to preserve the meat of antelope and other wild game.

It was only necessary to salt the strips of steak inside the hide of the animal, before hanging them to dry in the shade of a tree. Hence the name bil (buttock or rump) -tong (strip). Thus one of the first ready-to-eat protein snack foods was born.

The Supersnack

Loranto’s biltong is packed in 25g and 50g packets. Ideal as a convenient healthy snack whether travelling, camping, tramping or climbing, as a protein supplement for sports people, a wholesome addition to the school lunch, or just a tasty recreational snack.

Loranto’s biltong is an excellent source of protein and iron with fewer calories, fat and saturated fats than other popular snacks like potato chips, pork crackling, muesli bars and popcorn.

NZ Made

Our export-quality grass-fed halal beef is some of the world’s best, grown on open green pasture and only sourced from New Zealand’s most reputable suppliers.

We are proud to represent Christchurch, Canterbury and New Zealand as innovative processors and exporters of our biltong brands as we supply more of our products into Australia, Asia and the Middle East.